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After a grueling two-day road trip all the way to Klamath Falls, the foster pups Diamond and Shentea are safe and sound here at the mini-farm. 

These two were put on ‘doggy death row’ because the person who surrendered them to the shelter claimed they were “wolfdogs”.

They are not.

In fact, they’re most likely GSD/husky/malamute mixes. But it’s a liability for the shelter to adopt-out any dog claimed to be a wolfdog, even if said dogs are professionally phenotyped as being decidedly not-wolfy. 

So both were temporarily housed with a different foster family, in cahoots with Songdog Rescue Pack. But these fosters were running out of space, money, and time to care for all their animals.

I was contacted by a friend in the organization and a home check was conducted at the mini-farm. I was approved that same day, and quickly made arrangements to drive 10+ hours to pick up these beautiful pups. 

So far, they seem to be settling in nicely. I’ll be posting more photos and updates about them in the days to come. And remember, people: Misrepresentation kills.